Vintage Print of Impressionist Painting ‘Red Gold’ by H. Heysen, 1913. In ‘Red Gold’, 1913 Heysen depicted two great old trees at Hahndorf, with a worn road between and homeward cattle, distant hills and coloured light on the clouds and air and trees. The view is from the Hahndorf-Mt Barker Junction Road, but it is painted with some artistic licence. Mt Barker in the background could not actually be seen from the artist’s vantage point. The mature, majestic gums suggest triumphal columns, basking in warm golden light at the close of day. Artwork comes Framed and in Excellent Condition.

Dimensions: 885 x 685H mm

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Vintage Print of Impressionist Painting ‘Red Gold’ by Hans Heysen, 1913