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10 Nicholson Street, Coburg, Victoria 3058

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Anthony Maroun

          Anthony Maroun settled in Australia back in 1959 November the 11th. After 4 years of factory work you could spot a young Lebanese man in his late 10s running around the BP North Melbourne Service Station and trying to make a dollar. And that’s where a young businessman learned the importance of being a part of the daily procedures in order to achieve great success – you could always spot gregarious Anthony around. In April 1971 because of the family reasons Anthony had to return back to Lebanon. But what we wouldn’t do for our loved ones?  

          During the times when he was helping his parents in Lebanon, he got into furniture manufacturing and today can easily point out the difference between the well-made pieces and replicas. He used to run a furniture factory for a period of 8 years just before he returned back to Australia. Aside from that – Anthony Maroun has working experience in showrooms, Furniture imports/exports, trade. All the way from 1970’s to early 1990's when he opened one of the most well set-up furniture showrooms in North Lebanon. He was looking after his family and building his life there. Until the day he decided to return back to the country that he loves and respects. And give his children an opportunity to choose who & where they want to be. 

          Anthony has been in the Antiques business since 1998 ever since he returned to Australia for the second time. Wakim Antique Restorations P/L probably holds an esteemed place in Australia's history as the homeliest feeling store. And all of that you can experience here - in Coburg. From the very first moment you walk into the shop, a tasteful aroma of Lebanese coffee soaks you in for a conversation. The next thing you know – you are comfortably chatting over a cup of coffee with the big boss himself. And that’s what this man brought into the land of Wurundjeri people. 

          Anthony strongly believes that his word is as good as his signature. He highly values family-oriented people. And always provides service he is expecting to get in return. Quality.


Wakim Antique Restorations p/l

          Our business has been Buying, Restoring, and Selling fine antiques since 1997. We offer a wide variety of antique decorations and furniture for all tastes, including Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco, and post WWII products. In our store you can find pieces made from Australia, England, United States of America, Japan, India, Italy, France and many more locations around the globe. We buy items from private sales, collectors, international merchants, and members of the public. 

          If you have items which you would like to offer for sale, Wakim Antiques may be the right place for you. We are professionals; assessing and restoring antiques in any condition. If you would like to have furniture or decorations renewed to their previous state of glory, bring it in to our store or call us for an assessment and we will surely be of assistance. For any further information, please feel free to contact via email or call on 0412 495 436. 

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Our Services

Each restoration is tailored to the individual object, placing special emphasis on historical preservation of the piece and in order to ensure the preservation and functionality of the Antique.

We do

Antique Furniture Restorations:

  • Fixing loose parts;

  • Restoring damaged parts;

  • Restoring missing parts;

  • Re‑colouring & Staining of Wood, Leather, Vinyl and Fabric;

  • Stain removal;

  • Furniture Cleaning;

  • French Polishing;

  • Wax Finish;

  • Lacquer Finish.

Clock & Watch Repairs:

  • Case Repairs and Polishing;

  • Case Restoration; 

  • Clock Servicing;

  • Complete Restoration work.


  • Gluing and positioning;

  • Cleaning;

  • Filling chips;

  • Sanding;

  • Paint Touch Up;

  • Glazing and Abseiling;

  • Glassware/Earthenware/Glass Repairs.


  • Upholstery & Reupholstery;

  • Re-gluing & Re-polishing;

  • Offering a wide range of quality Fabrics, Leathers and Vinyls.


  • Gilding on a variety of surfaces;

  • Water Gilding, Oil Gilding, Quick Size Gilding, Antique and Toning, Sgraffito;

  • Gilding and Preservation of Antique Religious icons and various other artefacts.