Yong Koon began handcrafting pewter pieces for ceremonial usage, such as joss stick holders, incense burners, and candle holders for altars in Chinese houses and temples, in his little store called Ngeok Foh in 1885. The pewter pieces sold by Yong Koon were polished with "stone leaf," a fine, abrasive tropical leaf. Tankards, ashtrays, and tea services became available after the arrival of British colonists. Selangor Pewter was the brand name at the time. The company began exporting in the 1970s, initially to Singapore and Hong Kong, then to Australia. The market began to spread in the 1980s, first into Europe and then into Japan. In 1992, the company changed its name to Royal Selangor to reflect its endorsement from Sultan Salahuddin, the Sultan of Selangor, dropping 'pewter' from its company name as its product range had expanded to include items from other materials. Antique Candleholder comes in Original Condition and with Makers Decal.

Dimensions: 59D x 57H mm

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Very Rare Collectible Original Royal Selangor Pewter Candleholder (Singapore)