Spectacular Stain Mahogany Grandfather Clock manufactured by Sligh Furniture Co. Sligh was founded in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1880s as a bedroom furniture manufacturer. Sligh was specialising in desks back in 1930s. Bedroom furniture was phased out altogether by 1957 when colleges built dormitories for the baby-boomers in the 1960s, dormitory student room furniture became a main line for the company. Sligh purchased Trend Clocks Company back in 1968. As dormitory furniture faded out in 1970s, clocks grew rapidly, taking up the slack. Home office furniture has been company growth engine since early 90s. Slight entered the home entertainment furniture business back in 2002. 125 years ago wood home furniture production shifted from the eastern United States to the Grand Rapids area. The attraction was lower labor rates, abundant timber and access to the burgeoning west, said Sligh. By the 1920s, depleted timberlands and rising labor rates in the Grand Rapids area encouraged a shift south to North Carolina and Virginia. A handful of companies, including Sligh, stayed in West Michigan and became known for furniture of the highest quality.

Dimensions: 495 x 305 x 2070H mm

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Spectacular Vintage Slight Stained Mahogany Grandfather Clock (USA)