There were potters in the area — in Brislington – producing good tin-glazed 'Delft' goods similar to those of Lambeth and Southwark, at least a century before Thomas Champion bought Cookworthy's patent and began to create porcelain in Bristol. The discovery of this 'deposit' of kiln-wasters and fragments, which shed much important light on Bristol's early ceramic history, was thanks to William Pountney, whose interest in the subject stemmed from his father, who was the proprietor of one of Bristol's potteries for forty years and whose family name is still carried by the firm that can trace its history back over three centuries, in continuity if not by a family tree, to that very site at Brislington. To recap its early phases, the Bristol burgess rolls and Apprenticeship records relate to Edward Ward, who accepted his son of the same name as his apprentice in 1682 and continued at Brislington until 1697, when he passed the pottery to Thomas Frank. This pottery, which remained in the Ward family until I746, produced high-quality wares, and Edward Ward died a wealthy man because his beautiful products had earned him a well-deserved reputation. The works were passed down in succession, first to Thomas Cantle and his son, then to William Taylor (in 1756), and last to Richard Frank, the above-mentioned Thomas's son, in whose hands it remained until 1785. But, in the meantime, Wedgwood and his imitators were profiting from the new Queen's Ware, and after Richard Frank's death, the Temple Pottery, now owned by Joseph Ring, went over to the new technique. Not only were certain cream-colored goods (Queen's Ware) produced during this time period, but also blue-printed earthenware, which was by far the most popular sort of table ware for home usage at the time. The Bristol Pottery now produces a wide range of goods, and it may be claimed that the founding of Pountney and Company, Ltd. has had a significant impact on all aspects of its output. Gorgeous Original Delftware Style Blue & White Dish comes with Oriental Motifs and with Original Maker’s Decal.

Dimensions: 355 x 275 x 35H mm

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Spectacular Original Blue & White Glazed Earthenware Dish by Pountney & Co (Engl