Stunning Antique Sonora Etude Upright Cabinet Phonograph from C.1924, USA. The Sonora Chime Company was founded in Albany, New York, in October 1906 with the goal of producing chiming mechanisms. The firm had a patent on a new type of chime that consisted of nested bells with adjacent resonating chambers. The company made some clocks under its own brand, but within a few years, Seth Thomas either licenced or bought the patent. A spring mechanism in Sonora's tone arm drew the arm towards the centre of the record. The Sonora Phonograph Co., as it is now known, was founded in 1908. The Sonora was driven into bankruptcy on November 16, 1911, when the court found that the company had violated the Berliner patent once more. George E. Brightson, a businessman, bought the company out of bankruptcy. The Herzog Art Furniture Company, which owned a patent on the technology, created the Sonora cabinets with the curved sides. Sonora was able to purchase the Herzog Art Furniture Company in early 1919 and shift their headquarters to the Herzog factory in Saginaw as a result of their successful partnership. Antique Cabinet Phonograph comes in Beautiful High Quality Mahogany Case and in Original Condition.

Dimensions: 443 x 443 x 1035H mm (Case only)

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Rare Antique Sonora Etude Upright Cabinet Phonograph from C.1924 (USA)