Born in Ballarat Victoria, David Larwill is a distinctive and charismatic figure of Australian art. Founded in 1982 on Brunswick Street Fitzroy, Roar Studios represented one of Melbourne's earliest and fiercest artist-run-initiatives. In his role, Larwill devised an innovative expressionist style which eschewed aesthetic conventions. While populated with naive childlike forms, his work blazes with a raw, primal energy as crosses themes both grand and trivial. David Larwill made his artistic debut in 1982, as a member of Melbourne’s influential Roar Studios. Since then his expressive style has remained consistent in its open accessibility and egalitarianism, which in part explains his success. The first impression of Larwill’s paintings and etchings is one of playful irreverence. His great talent was his ability as an image-maker. There is no separation between idea and execution, and his work has a freshness and immediacy that this direct approach imparts. Their exuberance is at once nostalgic and infectious. Larwill studied at Preston Institute of Technology, and Prahran College of Advanced Education, Melbourne. He is featured in numerous collections, including National Gallery of Australia, Canberra; National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne; Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney; Artbank, Sydney; The Holmes a Court Collection, Hoytesbury; Baillieu Myer Collection of Australian Art; Museum of Modern Art, Heide, Melbourne; Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane; British Museum, London. We 3 different prints in Excellent Condition:

1. ‘Waving Boy (summer)’ by David Larwill, 1999. Print No.:38/40/42/43/45/48/50/54/56/63;
2. ‘Hot Day’ by David Larwill, 1999. Print No.:40/43/44/48/50/52/53/57/58/59;
3. ‘The story teller’ by David Larwill, 1999. Print No.:35/65, 36/65, 37/65, 42/45, 45/65, 51/65, 59/65.

Dimensions: 75 x 54 cm (Sight-size)
97 x 75 cm (Frame size)

$450 each.

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Playful David Larwill Prints from 1999 with Original Signatures