The majority of the dolls come with a copy of the Complete Collector's Guide 'Dolls of the World' Magazine, which contains thorough information about traditional costumes and culture. There are a total of 80 dolls in the Original Collection. All dolls are made out of 100% Genuine Porcelain and comes in Excellent Condition. Nobody is ever too old to play with dolls. Dolls are collected for a variety of reasons. Some people collect them because they remind them of happy childhood memories, while others collect them for the artistry involved in their creation, historical worth, and resale value. People gather things that appeal to them and are representative of their desires and values. A collector may be drawn to particular dolls because of the exquisite craftsmanship and artistry involved in their creation. It could be the doll's exquisite bisque china face, the genuine glassine eyes, the wig, the period attire or accessories, or simply the doll's winsome look. A particular line of dolls, such as a fashion doll or a series of historical dolls representing various cultures or periods in history, may appeal to many collectors. A collector may be drawn to a doll because of its origin, ethnicity, or historical relevance. People interested in various cultures or historical periods may like traditional Japanese dolls clothed in kimonos, African dolls draped in colourful kente cloth, or old-fashioned rag dolls. Finally, some doll collectors consider dolls to be an investment. A doll collection can sometimes assist you in uncovering and releasing feelings that need to be communicated. This collection is an excellent educational tool that helps to learn about diverse cultures around the World. No wonder why every little girl loves a Porcelain Doll!

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$15 per 💯 % Genuine Porcelain Doll.

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Original Exquisite 62-piece 100% Porcelain ‘Dolls of the World’ Collection