Stunning Art Deco Floor Grandfather Clock from C.1950’s, Germany. Case is made out of Walnut. At June 1912, J. Kieninger founded ‘Kieninger Clocks’ in Mönchweiler, near St. Georgen. Joseph's sons worked at the company alongside him, and in 1930, due to Wilhelm Kieninger, the company developed the H-series mechanism, which, while refined and with extra features added, is still very similar to the high precision H-movement manufactured today. ‘Kieninger’ began producing precision measuring instruments for Carl Mahr in Esslingen in 1932. In 1936, J. Kieninger died, and the firm was passed down to his three sons. Despite the tough conditions imposed by the war, the company continued to produce high-quality clocks, employing 78 people by 1939. Furthermore, ‘Kieninger’ clocks were exported to over 50 countries, and by 1960, the company employed over 150 people. In the 1960s, the Kieninger family's next generation joined the company, with Gottfried Kieninger becoming the commercial manager in 1962. G. Kieninger, Wilhelm's son, took over the engineering department, and his brother Rudolf joined the company in 1969. Quartz clocks were mass-produced on a significant scale in the 1970s, and as a result, many German clock firms converted to quartz clock production. Clock has been serviced and comes in Very Good Working Condition.

Dimensions: 620 x 340 x 1850H mm

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Impressive ‘Kieninger’ Art Deco Grandfather Clock from C.1950’s (Germany)