Antique Zonophone Horn Gramophone from C.1910, England. HMV made high-quality Gramophones that integrated the newest technological advances, but they were expensive. The HMV Gramophone Factory in Hayes, Middlesex, England, had the capacity to produce more than HMV could use. HMV wanted to tap into the large market for more affordable Gramophones, keep production going when HMVs weren't selling well, and use any components that had been superseded, but most importantly, all of this had to be done without jeopardising HMV's reputation or people's willingness to pay high prices for HMV Gramophones. Zonophone was the answer. HMV had purchased the Zonophone Company in 1903 and had not disclosed any ties to the company. HMV models may now be marketed under the Zonophone name, as well as new Zonophone models featuring "re-badged" HMV components, all at a lower price than HMV. HMV's reputation and profitability remained unblemished. A Zonophone is just a high-quality HMV Gramophone that has been given a new name. Spectacular Zonophone Gramophone is in Restored Original Condition and comes with Original Maker’s Decal, Oak Case & Superbly Refinished Original Horn.

Dimensions 358 x 358 x 175H mm (Case only)

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Impressive Antique Zonophone Horn Gramophone from C.1910 (England)