Vintage Midwinter Stylecraft Fashion Shape 12-64 Side Plate with Rose Motifs. Made in England. William Robinson Midwinter created the Midwinter Pottery in Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent in 1910 as W.R. Midwinter, and by the late 1930s, it had grown to be one of England's largest potteries, employing over 700 people. The company became one of the main pioneers in British tableware production in the 1950s, thanks to the leadership of director Roy Midwinter. Jessie Tait, Terence Conran, Hugh Casson, John Russell, and Peter Scott were among the well-known ceramicists and designers who worked with the pottery. Midwinter Pottery was also a pioneer in the creation of 'accessories' for their basic dinner and tea sets. Midwinter's sibling company, Clayburn Pottery, produced components like lamp bases that could be added to a Midwinter dinner service. The Spanish Garden motif, which was popular on dinnerware and tea sets in the 1960s, was also used on bread bins and chopping boards. The company was crippled by the costs of producing two unsuccessful new ranges, and J. & G. Meakin purchased it in 1968. Meakin was purchased out by Wedgwood in 1970. Many of Midwinter's pieces from the 1950s and 1960s have become highly desirable due to their resemblance to the trends of the time. Midwinter pottery production halted in 1987. Plate has a few minor chips and comes in Original Condition.

Dimensions: 154 x 154 x 15H mm

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Gorgeous Collectible Midwinter Stylecraft Fashion Shape 12-64 Side Plate (Englan