Samuel Radford Ltd. is a China manufacturer based in Longton's New Market Works and Fenton's High Street East since 1883. Edward Thomas and Sarah Radford had four sons, the youngest of whom being Samuel Radford. Samuel is classified as a ‘flower painter on China' in the 1861 census at the age of roughly 17. Around 1875, he was a partner at the New Market Works, Chancery Lane, Longton, alongside Joseph Amison and Joseph Perkins. By 1879, he was running the New Market Works on his own dime. He employed 77 people according to the 1881 census. Radford began working in a china factory in Fenton's High Street East in 1883. Radford & Ward remained at the New Market Works at Longton until 1892. His sons William, Samuel Jr., and Frederick all worked at the Fenton Works as clerks, managers, and warehousemen. Samuel's eldest son William took over the firm. When the company was sold to Lieutenant Colonel Norman W. Elliott in 1931, it was no longer under the hands of the family. Samuel Radford Ltd was the new name for the company. During WWII, the operation was halted as part of the Wartime Concentration Scheme. Lt.-Col. N.W. Elliot was the Managing Director in 1951, with W. Harper as Sales Manager and F.C. Irving as Works Manager. Norman Elliot sold the company to Stanley Harrison, who was the owner of Coalport China at the time, in 1955. His plan was to move the Coalport operation from Stoke's Crescent Pottery to the Radford Works, which was much smaller. This transfer either didn't happen or was only temporary, and the factory was demolished by 1960. Samuel Radford Limited was officially dissolved in October 1966, after manufacturing halted in 1955. Vintage Side Plate comes in Original Condition.

Dimensions: 154D x 16H mm

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Genuine Vintage Radfords Bone China Side Plate from C.1950s (England)