Gorgeous Very Fine Set of 6 Classic Regency Style Dining Room Upholstered Chairs. During the Regency period, Thomas Sheraton, an English furniture maker, became well-known, and his timeless designs began to influence chair fashions as well. Although the use of relatively straight, tapering legs was one of Sheraton's signature styles, the sweeping form of the ancient Greek chair could be seen in several of his designs during this period. Grecian couches, animal monopodia, and chairs with legs that bent forwards and backwards—known as the "sabre" design—were all featured in Sheraton's "Cabinet Dictionary," published in 1803. Sheraton would later publish "The Cabinet Maker and Artist's Encylopedia," which featured his first Egyptian-influenced designs utilised in English furniture, between 1804 and 1806. The Regency chair style, which was inspired by both historic ancient Greek cultures and the creativity of great craftsmen like Sheraton himself, did not just become a thing of the past, but can still be found in seating design today. While Regency covers a wide range of subjects, the Regency chair has one thing in common: its delicate elegance. The romance of the time is still present in the craftsmanship of every item, with scrolling forms and beautiful curves that punctuate and soften its smaller proportions in chairs. Vintage Set is made out of Myrtle and comes in Solid Condition. Has only some minor signs of use. You can enjoy the wonderful legacy of the Regency chairs' history and style within your very own home, simply reach out to us at any time or browse our flawless array of antique furnishings and reproductions.

Dimensions: 455 x 420 x 880H (495H Seat Height) mm

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Fine Set of 6 Traditional Regency Style Myrtle Dinning Room Chairs