The Hocking Glass Company, named after the adjacent Hocking River, was formed by Isaac Collins and a few friends in Lancaster, Ohio, in 1905. The company created and sold up to $20,000 in glass pieces in its first year of existence (approximately $516,000 today). With the introduction of a machine that automatically pressed glass in 1929, Hocking became the main manufacturer of Depression Glass, low-cost but exquisite glassware that sold for 4 to 25 cents apiece. Miss America was one of the company's best-selling patterns, produced between 1935 and 1937. Pink, crystal, green, ice blue, and red plates, bowls, and vases are all available. The Miss America pattern, which was created from 1935 to 1937, was one of the company's best-selling designs. Plates, tumblers, pitchers, and more are available in pink, crystal, green, ice blue, and red. Following the Great Depression, Hocking Glass combined with Anchor Cap and Closure to form the Anchor Hocking Company, which still exists today. Individual pieces from the Miss America line cost as little as $10, while a full service for eight can cost up to $1,000, depending on the hue. Ruby Glass Set of x6 Small Bowls & x1 Large Bowl comes in Excellent Condition and with Original Makers Mark.Dimensions: 115D x 45H mm (x6 Small Bowls)203D x 75H mm (x1 Large Bowl)Please contact Anthony on 0412495436Or Email at wakimantiques@hotmail.com10 Nicholson St, Coburg VIC 3058Trading Hours: 10AM-6PM (Mon-Sun)

Depression Era Royal Ruby 7-Piece Glass Set by Anchor Hocking from C.1940s (UK)