‘Royal Vale’ bone china is a rather low-key and innocuous mark. The Colclough China Company's backstamp trademark ‘Royal Vale’ bone china is called after the Colclough's ‘Vale Potteries’ in Longton, Staffordshire, England. Herbert Joseph Colclough, a former mayor, created the corporation. H J Colclough, subsequently ‘Colclough China Ltd’, created ‘Royal Vale’ bone china at ‘Vale Pottery Works’. The firm was given a royal licence to create ‘Royal Vale’ chinaware during a visit to the pottery by King George V and Queen Mary in 1913. The company expanded in the 1930s and began making the ‘Royal Vale’ bone china that is still famous among collectors today. By selling the items individually rather than in large, expensive sets, the company became the first to make fine bone china aimed at the mainstream market. In 1997, all Colclough products were discontinued. Set comes in Perfect Condition.

Dimensions: 84D x 68H mm (Teacup)
217 x 223 x 22H mm (Saucer)

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Collectible ‘Royal Vale’ Bone China Tea Set from C.1960’s