Original Vintage Religious Porcelain Trinket Box by Limoges from C.1940s, France. Bible Shaped Gilt Trinket Box Comes with Hand-Painted portrait of Mother Mary on the Lid & with Original Makers Decal. Stunning Collectible Trinket Box is in Very Good Original Condition. Limoges china stems from the late 18th century, when a chance discovery of kaolin clay changed the region's history forever. This was a necessary component in the production of hard-paste porcelain, which is burned at extremely high temperatures and produces a bright gloss perfect for decoration. Small-scale porcelain industries sprang up in the surrounding area, taking advantage of the abundant kaolin clay. However, it was King Louis XIV of France's entrance in 1781, when he purchased one of the local factories to produce porcelain products for his court, that rocketed Limoges porcelain's fame. When Limoges items were presented in the 1925 Paris International Exhibition of Decorative Art, the success of Limoges porcelain reached new heights. Limoges goods received immediate recognition, cementing the region's reputation as one of the top porcelain-producing regions in the world. Limoges is known for its trinket boxes, which are worth more than practically anything that can fit within them, according to serious collectors. Limoges porcelain is regarded as the world's finest hard-paste porcelain due to three distinct features. The first is that Limoges is made entirely of local natural elements, such as kaolin, feldspar, and quartz. Then comes the intensive firing process, which results in a fantastic glaze that is impervious to the weather and has an amazing translucence.

Dimensions: 93 x 158 x 46H mm

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Collectible Religious Virgin Mary Porcelain Trinket Box by Limoges from C.1940s