Very Desirable Bone China Bell manufactured by Limoges La Reine, France. Bell comes with Gilt Edge & Floral Decoration. Rémi Delinières created the firm in 1863. It was on the roadway that is today known as Albert-Thomas Avenue in Limoges. In 1895, Léonard Bernardaud joined R. Delinières as a partner in R. Delinières & Cie. The company was dissolved five years later, and L. Bernardaud & Cie was formed in its place. In 1919, the firm established a presence in New York. In 1923, Léonard Bernardaud passed away. Jacques and Michel Bernardaud, his two sons, inherited the firm. The company was founded by the brothers, who introduced porcelain in the Art Deco style. The corporation has weathered several storms, including the Great Depression and two world wars. Michel Bernardaud died in 1949. Jacques Bernardaud remained alone a head of the company. In 1962 the company's managament was taken over by Michel Bernardaud's son, Pierre Bernardaud. He works with son of Jacques Bernardaud, Paul Bernardaud. In 1970 they took over another Limoges porcelain business, the Vignaud factory. In 1990s the Limoges Bernardaud factory was changed into a cultural center. In 2002 Michel Bernardaud established a Bernardaud Corporate Foundation, which mission is to renew the look of porcelain, reinvent it and explore new territories. Bone China Porcelain Bell comes in Excellent Condition.

Dimensions: 79D x 120H mm

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Collectible Limoges La Reine Bone China Bell with Gilt Edge & Floral Motifs (Eng