Jackson & MacDonald Co., Sydney, Australia, designed and manufactured ‘Rexonola.' Jackson & MacDonald of Kent Street Sydney produced an amazing range of quality ‘talking machines' under the brands ‘Rexophone,' ‘Rexonola,' and ‘Rexoport'—external horn, internal horn, and portable machines, respectively—during the first three decades of the twentieth century. The tale of ‘Rexonola' began in 1906, when two young men, S. J. Jackson and D. S. MacDonald, opened a store on Ash Street after obtaining the city's only Edison phonograph franchise. After six years of marketing Edison's machines, they were in a position to begin local production of their own devices in 1912. Their ‘Rexonola' gramophones eventually became Australia's most popular, and ‘Jackson & MacDonald' became the country's largest phonograph producer. The majority of these were also ‘Rexonola' shops. By selling directly to the public, Jackson & MacDonald competed with their own dealers. They followed up their ‘Rexonola' machine line with a variety of steel and fibre needles, as well as promotional items like record cleaning pads.

Dimensions: 420 x 295 x 168H mm (Case only)

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Antique Wind Up Portable Rexoport Gramophone from C.1929 (Australia)