Sherwood Ltd. was a well-known name in Birmingham's oil lamp and burner manufacturing industries in the early twentieth century. In 1904, they began trading under the name ‘Isaac Sherwood & Son Ltd.'; subsequently, they merged with Linley and Co to form ‘Sherwood-Linley.' They grew to be one of England's major manufacturers of lighting gadgets and burners. They made a variety of lighting equipment and were known for their oil burners. They also made table and floor lamps, scones, lanterns, and chandeliers in addition to oil burners. Sherwood was distinguished by a wide range of styles, including classical, revival, and ultra-modern, as well as a wide range of proportions, materials, ornamentation, and practicality. They had three logos, each with 'Sherwood Limited Birmingham' in a circle around 'Three Trees,' a 'Elephant,' or a 'Lion.' Their broad range of products is described as 'Manufacturers of Lamps, Burners, Lanterns, Candle Lamps, and Electric Light Fittings' in a brochure from circa 1900. Elegant Table Lamp is made out of Brass and comes in Solid Original Condition. Lovely addition to any home!

Dimensions: 95 x 95 x 465H mm

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Antique Table Lamp manufactured by Sherwood Ltd. from C.1900s (England)