Antique Oriental ‘Foreign’ Moriage Porcelain Coffee Pot & Creamer from Japan. Ceramic products marked 'Foreign,' 'Nippon,' or 'Made in Japan' can be found in Japanese imports. The new acts in the 1890s resulted in the marking of items as 'Nippon.' Then, in 1921, a change in the law mandated that all products be labelled in English, therefore "Made in Japan" was substituted. The legal reforms in the 1930s allowed for certain gaps in the nation of origin statute to be exploited by astute operators. This effectively eliminated the need for a printed/fired backstamp beneath or over glazing on imported ceramic objects, especially from the 1960s onwards. Because of the law's wording, many ceramic goods created in the Far East in the second half of the twentieth century were legally exempt from country of origin labelling when sold on the secondary market. The nation of origin laws did not apply to unwrapped items, therefore if they were brought in without wrapping, the legislation did not apply. In 2002, the tariff law was eventually liberalised. Set comes in Original Condition.

Dimensions: 180 x90 x 180H mm (Coffee Pot)
90 x 60 x 68H mm (Creamer)

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Antique Oriental ‘Foreign’ Moriage Coffee Pot & Creamer Set (Japan)