Impressive Collectible 8-piece ‘Swinnertons’ Majestic Vellum Set from C.1940’s, England. B. Swinnerton, born 1868, and E.Swinnerton, originally made ‘Swinnerton’ china at the ‘Vulcan Works’ in Burton Place, Hanley, where it is now widely collected by relatives of the family and others (nee Lomax). He started off just factoring, but in 1911 he decided to start his own business and bought the ‘Chelsea Pottery’ in Broad Street, Hanley, with Walter Lindley, a veteran potter. Bertram died tragically in 1913, but Lindley persevered, forming partnerships with Victor Alcock and subsequently William Bloore. The three men amassed a sizable collection of potteries through acquisition, but continued to trade under the ‘Swinnerton’ name until the ‘Lawley Group’ took over in 1959, and then ‘Royal Doulton’ in 1973. Set consists of x5 Small Saucers & x3 Coffee Cups. Comes in Original Condition.

Dimensions: 57D x 54H mm (Coffee Cup)
115D x 12H mm (Saucer)

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Vintage 8-piece ‘Swinnertons’ Majestic Vellum Set from C.1940’s (England)