John Haviland created the Johann Haviland Company in Waldershof, Germany, in 1907. It made everyday china, hotel china, and high-quality china for household use. The firm was sold to Richard-Ginori in 1924, and its name was changed to Porzellanfabrik Waldershof AG. Rosenthal China of Germany bought the company in 1937 and began making exquisite china for sale to the United States, with the Johann Haviland, Bavaria, Germany label. In the 1970s and 1980s, the Johann Haviland Corporation of Des Plaines, Illinois distributed various Johann Haviland patterns as prizes in grocery shops. Back stamps from Bavaria and Thailand can be found on several of these patterns. Until the late 1980s, Johann Haviland China was produced in the Waldershof, Germany plant. Haviland continues its work today in a state-of-the-art facility established in 1988 that produces the cleanest white blanks (biscuits) with its 150-year-old tradition as a base. Professional craftspeople complete all of the finishing and decorative work (borders, gold painted finishes, etc.) by hand. This meticulous attention to detail maintains the Haviland plate's reputation as a true work of art. The finishing is done by hand once the pieces have dried, allowing them to be rendered completely smooth. Decorative Johann Haviland Porcelain Plate Hand-Painted by Margaret Tweddell. Comes in Original Condition with a Crack in the middle. Manufactured in Bavaria, Germany.

Dimensions: 193D x 34H mm

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Decorative Johann Haviland Porcelain Plate Hand-Painted by M. Tweddell (Bavaria)