Gorgeous Genuine Antique Quadruple Plate Footed Dish Holder/Basket by Meriden from C.19th century, USA. The Meriden Britannia Company was founded in Meriden, Connecticut in 1852 as a manufacturing company specialising in britannia metal products. The Meriden Britannia Firm had grown significantly by 1876, and the company invested heavily at the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia that year. The company took first place in the plated wares category. "The publicity of the award and the impact the firm created on the fair's 8 million visitors was perpetuated by catalogues and other rigors marketing," according to Sotheby's in New York. "By the end of the 1870s Meriden Britannia Co. was regarded the world's largest silverware company." Meriden Britannia had warehouses in the United States, England, and France by 1891. Meriden was home to the major manufacturing, with a branch in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. By 1893, the corporation had grown to the point where its floor area in downtown Meriden covered over eight acres. The Meriden Britannia Company merged with the bigger International Silver Company, located in Meriden, in 1898. Following that, while still part of ISC, several designs were manufactured under the Meriden Britannia brand, with Meriden Britannia products specified in design trade catalogues. Item comes with Ornate Floral Motifs and in Solid Original Condition.

Dimensions: 163 x 150 x 278H mm

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Antique Quadruple Plate Dish Holder/Basket by Meriden from C.19th century (USA)